Which Hearing Aid is the BEST?

Which Hearing Aid is the BEST?

  • Brandon Vincent

So you're asking the Million Dollar Question?

Simply put all major hearing aid brands have to compete with one another and keep up with the 'trending technology' of the times. For example, while several years ago only one brand offered iPhone Bluetooth connectivity, today all of the major brands offer that feature. The same is true about innovative technology but the major 6 (Phonak, Signia, ReSound, Widex, Starkey and Oticon) brands in the industry constantly develop new technology to better your hearing aid wearing experience and because of that sometimes certain features will (temporarily) be available from only the innovating brand, described as "First to Market"

The best way to choose the right hearing aid is to figure out what features are most important to you and whether or not you need to have certain over the top features found in the premium lines of hearing aids. Then, research the hearing aids with the features you require. I know what you're thinking... I wish it was that simple, and you're right. It's not.

Different brands use different terminology and titles for certain features, for example some brands call the removal of feedback (loud pitch tone caused by the microphone picking up the sound of the hearing aid): "feedback suppression" aka "Whistle Block" aka "Dynamic Cancellation Optimizer" but they all mean the same thing for the user.

For that reason SaveHear.com trains all of it's staff on every brand and feature so that we can help navigate these features and aid your research. We train to understand your needs and explain the features. This is something that previously was only available in audiologist stores but as we innovate our process on selling hearing aids remotely with the same level of care we not only offer great competitive pricing but also finding the perfect hearing aid for you and adjusting it to fit your every day life.