How will my Hearing hold up with Hearing Loss without Hearing Aids

How will my Hearing hold up with Hearing Loss without Hearing Aids

  • Zach Aharon

You may not realize you have hearing loss until sometime tells you. It comes on slow and is very difficult to self diagnose because we don't exactly know what we're missing.

When I was younger I never thought to have had bad eye sight. I remember instances of needing to sit closer to the front in grade school but I never thought about why that was the case. It was not until I applied to get my drivers license where they had tested me and said I needed corrective lenses. That is a good example of not know what you're missing until told otherwise.

Hearing aid manufacturers are always working on innovating their hearing aids to better benefit the wearers, however there is one thing that they cannot do much about, the process of Acoustic Deprivation and the ultimately our brain forgetting certain frequencies. 

Many recent studies have been done on this process and the conclusions are more interesting with every test. We encourage anyone with Hearing Loss that decides to not wear hearing aids to research the studies and their findings. Your findings can help you retain your hearing longer and avoid potential adverse conditions in the future.

Some hearing aids to consider based on their discrete sizing and modern features:


1. Phonak Paradise hearing aids include:

  • Bluetooth Phone and Media Streaming
  • Wind and Noise Suppression
  • Discrete Design with RIC Technology
  • Phonak Paradise AutoSense 4.0 Adaptation Engine
  • Nano Coating for Water, Dust and Shock Resistance
  • High Quality Materials with Longevity in mind
  • Remote Programming from ANY Phone/Tablet Worldwide
  • A to Z Warranty. Covers any defects, broken parts, etc.
  • Automatic Feedback Cancellation 
  • Available in different technology levels and price points
  •'s Best Price Guarantee & 60 Day Trial

2. ReSound ONE hearing aids include:

  • Bluetooth Phone and Media Streaming
  • Noice Blocking Adaptive Microphones
  • Discrete Design and Many color options
  • Water, Dust and Shock Resistant Materials
  • ReSound ONE Chipset with the latest advancements in Hearing Aids
  • ReSound ONE DFS Feedback Removal Program
  • Remote Programming from Anywhere in the world
  • A to Z Warranty for Repairs, Parts, etc.
  • Quality ReSound parts and engineering technlogy
  • Available in different ReSound ONE technology Levels ONE 5, ONE, 7 ONE 9
  •'s Best Price Guarantee & 60 Day Trial

We have other brands and models with all of today's leading technology. All of our hearing aids come with 3 years of warranty, loss and damage insurance and lifetime aftercare and support.

  • Widex Moment 440, 330 and 220
    Widex Moment hearing aids at the lowest cost industry wide.
  • Oticon More 1, 2 and 3
    Oticon More hearing aids at a significant discount from retail prices. Guaranteed the best price worldwide.
  • Signia Pure and Motion AX Hearing Aids, AX 3, AX 5 and AX 7
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