Cleaning and Maintaining your hearing aids is easier than you think

Cleaning and Maintaining your hearing aids is easier than you think

  • Zach Aharon

A lot of customers ask us about buying hearing aids online and then having to clean and maintain their hearing aids at home. The truth of the matter is if you can open a can of soup, you can clean your own hearing aids.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids in 3 Easy Steps

Steps for cleaning hearing aids from Phonak, Resound, Oticon, Signia and Widex:

Step 1. Rub them down with a cleaning cloth. We include this cleaning cloth with most pairs from Phonak, ReSound and Signia. It's a simple eyeglasses style cloth that takes the oils and build up of sweat that can end up on the body of the hearing aid after prolonged wearing.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids: Step 1 - Wipe with Cloth

Step 2. Check your wax guards (Also known as wax traps) - The hole where the sound comes out of can sometimes become plugged up with ear wax. This is common and no reason for concern. You can use the wax guard removal and replacement tool that we send with all Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, Signia and Widex hearing aids to do this. Simply follow the directions in the manual, it's as easy as using a match.

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids - Step 2: Change your Wax Guard

Step 3. Clean the domes (Also known as rubber Ear tips) - These can be taken off and washed in warm water, once dried you can fit it back on the tip of the receiver or tube and you're done. 

Cleaning Your Hearing Aids - Step 3: Cleaning the Domes or Ear Tips

It's really that simple. Modern hearing aids (listed below) are easy to care for. If you have issues cleaning or preforming the above steps our reps will be more than happy to help you clean them. Call's support for assistance.


Modern hearing aids that are easy to clean, maintain and otherwise care for:

  • Phonak Paradise Hearing Aids (All models)

  • Signia Pure and Motion AX Hearing Aids (All models)

  • ReSound ONE hearing Aids (All models)

  • Widex Moment Hearing Aids (All models)

  • Oticon More Hearing Aids (All models)

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