Hearing Aid Technology in 2022: Should I upgrade my Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aid Technology in 2022: Should I upgrade my Hearing Aids?

  • Zach Aharon

It seems like we hear about new advancements in technology on a weekly basis. Smart devices like phones, computers, and even watches are at the forefront of innovation. Is the same true for Hearing Aids? 

Short answer is Yes. Hearing aid manufacturers are always working on developing new technology and adding existing technology 'comforts' to the ever shrinking devices we wear on or in our ears.

Years ago the basis for Hearing Aid technology advancements was simple: Better, more comfortable hearing for prolonged period of time in real-world situations such as restaurants and crowded environments. Once there was a good bit of innovation in noise suppression and automatic program switching the focus shifted to size and visual appeal (or lack of visibility) -- In more recent years manufacturers have fixated on better sound quality and natural clarity which is still considered to be the most important thing to hearing aid wearers in focus groups worldwide. 

With every new model release, the features described above get better. Not only does the technology get better, but the manufacturers get real world feedback from wearers and makes changes to better suite different situations in an everlasting attempt to mimic real hearing.

Naturally Bluetooth Streaming, Rechargeable batteries and other non-hearing related comforts have found their way into our Hearing Aids in the last few years but they're not enough to motivate an upgrade for most people.

Some of the considerations for upgrading to newer technology: 

Are my Hearing Aids good enough?

If you're like me, you're always asking yourself whether or not my hearing aids are preforming at their best. I still have to say "Huh" every so often, and sometimes when I'm in a crowded room I have a hard time hearing some of the words spoken to me even with my hearing aids on. Through research and education I learned that I am not the only one and this thought process is normal. I even learned that it could be that even people with normal hearing have a hard time hearing in crowded environments and they too, sometimes miss a word here and there.

I have a hard time hearing the TV or Phone

As mentioned above, new technology includes Bluetooth connectivity and streaming from your smartphone, TV and even music devices. These connectivity features can improve your lifestyle, the sound from the device will originate in your ear making speech easier to understand and keeping the TV volume down.