ReSound ONE 9 M&RIE Hearing Aid (Premium Level)

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Hear like no other

ReSound ONE™ with M&RIE (Microphone & Receiver-In-Ear) introduces a new class of hearing aids* with a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear, so patients can collect the whole sound environment just as nature intended.

ReSound One Hearing Aids from - The Online Hearing Aid Pros
Our most natural sound quality

All Access Directionality
Get greater hearing in any environment

Ultra Focus
The best one-to-one hearing experience
  • Hear with your own ears

    M&RIE combines the two traditional microphones with a third that sits in the ear canal to help patients hear with more direction and depth.
  • Greater hearing in any environment

    All Access Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns to put your patients in the best position to hear what matters.
  • Focus in on speech in front

    Users can activate Ultra Focus for a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids to focus on the speech in front.
  • Remote, at-home hearing care

    Stay closer to your patients with two options for remote hearing care: Remote Fine-Tuning and Live Assistance.

Sound Philosophy - Organic Hearing
The ReSound Organic Hearing philosophy enables people to connect to the world around them in the most intuitive and natural way. We achieve this by developing solutions that work with individual ear anatomy to more closely mimic how sounds in the environment are naturally collected and delivered to the brain.

We take this approach because our purpose is to Make Life Sound Better..

All Access Directionality - Greater hearing in any environment
All Access Directionality automatically adjusts directional microphone patterns to put your patients in the best position to hear what’s important, while monitoring the sounds around them. Your patient, not the hearing aid, gets to decide what it most important.

Ultra Focus
Better one-to-one hearing in the toughest environments
Ultra Focus is a patient-activated feature that uses a powerful combined directional pattern from both hearing aids so patients’ can focus on the speech in front.

Walk & Talk
Ultra Focus prioritizes sound from the side with the least noise to make speech as clear as possible without losing all the surrounding sounds.
Background Noise
Ultra Focus helps patients maintain spatial cues around them by using the speech frequencies for the targeted directionality in front, and the high and low frequencies to monitor the environment.

C6 Chip Platform - Faster and more efficient
Our brand-new sound processing chipset delivers 50% more processing power and 220% more memory than the previous chipset to provide sound with greater depth and direction without compromising battery life.

Rechargeability - All the power they need

Industry-leading rechargeability
ReSound ONE offers industry-leading rechargeability with up to 30 hours* of power or up to 25 hours with unlimited streaming – all with a single 3-hour charge.

*Expected battery life depends on active features, the use of wireless accessories, hearing loss, device age and sound environment.
ReSound ONE charging
For added flexibility, two different charger options serve as stylish, protective cases. The Premium Charger includes an onboard battery for up to three days of portable charging, without the need for a power outlet. The smaller Standard Charger gives patients the power they need in a simple, timeless design.
Charging status
Your patients can check the status of their rechargeable ReSound ONE hearing aids anytime with the ReSound Smart 3D app.
Extensive connectivity
ReSound ONE adapts to patients’ lifestyles by connecting them to the world around them with direct audio streaming via future-proof Bluetooth Low Energy.

Connect to your TV
A versatile range of wireless accessories gives your patients even more options to connect to the sounds they enjoy every day.

Connect and stream without effort
With ReSound ONE, patients can connect directly to an iPhone or Android smart device and stream audio directly to their hearing aids.

ReSound Smart Fit™
Easier and more individualized fittings
The ReSound Smart FitTM flow is more intuitive than ever with Automatic Receiver Detection and Prescribed First Fit. When you connect ReSound ONE hearing aids, the receiver-specific calibration data is applied to the fitting.

In addition, based on a patient’s audiogram, the selected target rule, gain level percentage and experience level, the ReSound Smart Fit software will adjust the settings for: Noise Tracker II, Impulse Noise Reduction and Expansion to better fit the individual patient from the start.

ReSound Assist - More connections for better care

Live Assistance for remote, video appointments
ReSound Assist Live Assistance makes it possible to supplement clinic visits with online, face-to-face fitting appointments. Connect with a video call to remotely fine-tune your patients’ hearing aids directly from your ReSound Smart Fit fitting software.
Remote Fine-Tuning for adjustments anytime
ReSound Assist Remote Fine-Tuning gives patients the ability to submit a remote fine-tuning request right from their ReSound Smart 3D app. Using ReSound Smart Fit software, you can send your recommended adjustments back to them at your convenience.

ReSound One Hearing Aids Available in 3 Battery Styles:

REI-61 - ReSound One:

  • Size 312 battery
  • iOS and Android™ streaming
  • Receiver power levels: LP, MP, HP and UP
  • M&RIE compatible

Rechargeable RIE 61 ReSound ONE

  • Lithium-ion rechargeable
  • iOS and Android™ streaming
  • Receiver power levels: LP, MP, HP and UP
  • M&RIE compatible

RIE 62 ReSound ONE:

  • Size 13 battery
  • iOS and Android™ streaming
  • Receiver power levels: LP, MP, HP and UP
  • M&RIE compatible

Available ReSound ONE Technology Levels:

  • ReSound ONE 5 (Basic Level)
  • ReSound ONE 7 (Advanced Level)
  • ReSound ONE 9 (Premium Level)

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